Newspaper to the rescue! Vandals halt after story appears in MT

What happened to the gentleman who was having his yard vandalized? Did the news story stop the thieves who were stealing his yard ornaments and damaging his property? I felt so badly for this man. I hope he can enjoy his yard in peace now.

— Veronica S., Eagle Point

We at Since You Asked are pleased to report that the nocturnal vandals who were wreaking havoc on Ron DeBois' backyard appear to have evaporated like last week's fog, Veronica.

Readers may remember the Dec. 27 Mail Tribune article about the theft of garden gnomes and other depredations at DeBois' Roberts Road oasis, which left the 76-year-old man feeling disappointed and discouraged about what passes for neighborly behavior these days.

DeBois suspects having his story on the front page had something to do with the vandals' decision to cease their late night raids. Nothing like having bad behavior placed front and center in the local paper to catch the attention of the neighborhood — and send bad guys slithering back into the darkness.

"All of my troubles stopped after (the story) came out in the newspaper," DeBois said.

He said the article also garnered him goodwill and goodies.

"Lots of neighbors have been coming by and bringing me cookies," he said.

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