Murder suspect is in jail awaiting trial date

What has happened to the murder case against Benjamin George. He allegedly killed his girlfriend's little 2-year old child back in June. Why aren't we hearing anything? Did this case get plea-bargained? Is there going to be a trial?

— Elisa B., Central Point

Benjamin James George, 29, remains in jail without bail on charges of murder and murder by abuse, as well as first-degree assault, in the death of Kacy Sue Lunsford.

The dual murder charges specifically relate to the death of a child and have not been used in Jackson County before, said David Hoppe, Jackson County senior deputy district attorney.

George allegedly confessed that he was playing too rough with the little girl during a wrestling match on June 11. Police said George threw her on the bed, causing her to fly off and smash her head into a wall.

Kacy underwent two surgeries in a Portland hospital. She died one week before her third birthday when she was removed from life support on June 15.

George was arrested on June 12 and is being held without bail. He was set to be arraigned on June 23, but the arraignment was continued until July 14 because a public defender was not available.

George is now represented by Robert Able, a Medford defense attorney. A pretrial hearing is slated for Nov. 22. A trial date has not yet been set, Hoppe said.

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