Medford police are staying in showbiz

Now that Medford police Lt. Bob Hansen has retired, does the department plan to cancel its public-access television show "Rules of the Road?" Also, will the department replace Hansen on Channel 10's weekly "On the Beat" segment?

— Claire M., Medford

Just because the lieutenant has hung up his spurs and moved on to a supervisory job at the Transportation Safety Administration at the Medford airport doesn't mean the Medford Police Department is getting out of showbiz.

Hansen will be replaced by another public information officer in the near future, according to Medford Police Chief Tim George.

As for the "Rules of the Road" on public access Channel 14, it has been dormant for more than a year, George said.

"We ran out of topics," George said. "A lot of the calls began repeating themselves."

The format consisted of Hansen and other officers or community members taking phone questions from the public. The questions covered police matters and dealt mostly with traffic questions, George said.

George said he is considering reviving the show but changing the format.

"We are looking for ways to make it fresh," he said.

As for the weekly "On the Beat" segment on Channel 10 news, George said the next public information officer will take Hansen's place, and the program won't miss a beat.

"Right now we have the interim PIO Mike Budreau doing it," George said.

"On the Beat" airs on Monday nights during Channel 10's 6 p.m. news broadcast.

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