Medford: Just put up some signs, OK?

Why does Columbus Avenue northbound from South Stage have no signs, except school zone signs, until just past the South Medford High School? These school zones near the high school only apply during certain hours leaving no speed control during other hours.

— Mel M., Medford

Well, there is a sign, but it's on the south side of the intersection of Columbus and South Stage Road, so anyone turning north on Columbus from South Stage has to have prior knowledge or E.S.P. Consider yourself warned, Mel.

The 45 mph sign is actually on Dark Hollow Road (which becomes South Columbus after crossing South Stage), near Surrey Drive.

As unclear as that may be to drivers who didn't start out on Dark Hollow, it means the speed limit is 45 mph until you hit the school zone, which then dips to 20 mph during school days.

Once you leave the school zone there is a 35 mph sign on Columbus Avenue near its intersection of Stewart Avenue.

The school zone starts just north of Cunningham Avenue and ends just south of Diamond Street, according to Medford police Sgt. Derek Parks.

The school zone speed times are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and there is an enhanced fine for speeding within these times, Parks said.

After leaving the school zone, the limit increases to 45 mph as you head out of town toward South Stage Road, Parks said.

Parks noted that the school zone near South Medford High School is one of the larger ones in town.

"The school owns a lot of property in that area," Parks said.

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