Main Street traffic help on the way

I like the new setup on East Main Street but have one suggestion for the powers that be at City Hall: Westbound traffic on East Main is backing up at the Crater Lake Avenue intersection, and it quite often takes two light changes to get through it, even if there are only six or seven cars in front of you. If somebody is in the crosswalk, it's likely that only the first car will get through.

Because all the westbound traffic is now in one lane instead of two, it seems like that light sequence should be longer. The other two approaches basically haven't changed, but the westbound one definitely has.

I still like the result overall. A much less stressful stretch of road.

— Robert H., Medford

Robert, we took your request to the top power of those who rule Medford streets, Public Works Director Cory Crebbin, and he said a solution is coming.

He tells us the issue is that sensing loops have not yet been installed on westbound East Main, but they are coming. The work has been contracted out, and Public Works is trying to get that work expedited, Crebbin says.

In the meantime, city crews are trying to adjust the traffic signal timing to work better, but because of the traffic coming from all directions, it has proven to be a "very difficult, if not impossible, math problem because of the randomness," Crebbin says.

Once the sensors are installed, the traffic controller will automatically adjust to the volumes of vehicles waiting on the three legs of the intersection.

Crebbin also said they hope to see better traffic movement once the county offices move from their location on East Main and there's less traffic coming onto the street immediately before the intersection.

At some point, Crebbin says, the westbound traffic on East Main "probably warrants" a right-turn lane at Crater Lake Avenue.

Until the new traffic sensors arrive, Robert, we suggest you enjoy the less stressful drive and maybe take advantage of the extra stops to enjoy the fall colors that are starting to show up along the street.

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