Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 12, 1917


Thirty more fire fighters sent by District Forester Cecil of Portland arrived in the city this morning from the northern part of the state and were rushed in jitneys with their blankets and some other equipment to reinforce the large force of fighters, under Forest Supervisor Erickson, at work trying to control the several great forest fires raging in the Elk creek district on the Umpqua divide. Over 150 men are fighting the flames.

The delegation of fire fighters from the north, which is the second contingent sent from Portland by District Forester Cecil this week, were in charge of Norman G. Jacobsen, inspector of fire protection attached to the Portland forestry headquarters.

M. L. Merritt, another forestry fire inspector, arrived in the city on the Shasta limited early today, and departed at once for Elk creek to help out in directing the fire fighting.

Assistant Forest Supervisor Foster heard indirectly this morning from the Elk creek region that the fire fighters had begun to make some headway at gaining control. It is probable that when today's reinforcements from Portland reach the scene rapid progress towards control will be made.

Combating the fire is very difficult as the mountain sides on which they are burning are thickly timbered, brushy, rough and very steep.


"Yours was duly received in regard to the bass drum," reads a letter from Captain A. J. Vance of the Seventh company, received by Mayor C. E. Gates this morning, "and I want to thank you for your interest in behalf of our band — which, by the way, is some band.

"We took the band over to Fort Stevens the other day on a liberty loan rally and they made a great hit. They go to Astoria tonight to play for another liberty loan rally.

"The weather has been fine for some time now, and everything is going fine. We are sending about 100 pictures of the boys which will be shown on the screen in Medford. I believe they will be appreciated."

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