Logos school construction yet to begin

It's been a while since the announced groundbreaking of the new Logos Charter School. What's the latest on when construction will begin?

— Dee J., Central Point


Although Logos' groundbreaking did take place in September, Dee, the school said the project has been delayed because of the red tape involved with transferring donated land for use as a school.

As a result, the project still does not have a set date to begin construction, spokeswoman Julie Niles-Fry said.

Former Executive Director Joseph VonDoloski told the Mail Tribune last fall that the Wes Howard Foundation decided to lease the property to the school for 100 years at a rate of $1 per year.

Niles-Fry said the school and the contractor have "no control" over the approval processes.

"Processes are what they are, so we’re just going to be excited to actually begin," she said.

According to a previous article in the Mail Tribune, the new, one-story, contemporary building will have an open floor plan and “an almost internal village feel,” with clouds suspended from the high ceilings in the commons area, lots of natural light and rounded, colorful architectural masses at the entry to different classroom zones, said architect Gary Caperna.

The new school will feature 12 classrooms, a music room, a science lab, an art room, a play area for students’ younger siblings to hang out, a special education room, an assembly room for up to 150 people, a library, 16 offices and 10 private multipurpose rooms where teachers can meet with students and parents. There also will be a large, fenced play area outdoors, as well as a school garden, covered patio area, bike racks and parking lot, Caperna said.

Also, school officials say the new building will be much better suited to the school’s unconventional model, in which homeschool students have the option of taking classes on campus or online and meet regularly with a teachers to discuss their progress and receive additional instructional support.

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