LNG plant is years away, if at all

I heard the news this week about the approval of the liquefied natural gas facility in Coos Bay. Does this mean they are going to build a pipeline across Southwest Oregon to send natural gas to the facility from the main pipe near Klamath Falls? When would that happen?

— Stephen G., White City

Stephen, don't believe everything you hear. If you want to know anything for certain, take the time to sift through countless hundred-page reports or just read this column.

Truth is, Monday, the U.S. Department of Energy gave Jordan Cove Energy Project the approval to export natural gas from the proposed facility, but the project itself hasn't been approved.

Also —- to address the full breadth of your question — the natural gas traveling between the would-be Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline and the existing TransCanada Gas Transmission Northwest pipeline near Klamath Falls would be headed toward the Jordan Cove facility rather than away from it.

From 2007 to 2012, the project was moving forward with a plan to import natural gas into the United States, but its scope was switched to export gas in December 2012 due in part to a rising domestic supply of natural gas.

In all likelihood, it will take another few years before anything concrete is decided concerning the construction of the Jordan Cove LNG facility.

This year, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is expected to draft an Environmental Analysis of the project in its entirety, but there are several state and federal agencies that will still have to sign off on the export facility before it puts shovel to dirt.

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