Keep on wincing: It'll be a month or two for ugly spot by park to get fixed

What is the plan for the triangular patch of ground at the corner of Jackson Street and Biddle Road next to Hawthorne Park? Some very ugly and overgrown bushes were taken out months ago, but nothing else has been done. Is the whole corner going to be reconstructed or is it going to be replanted? I drive by there very often and wince each time I look at it.

— Sally S., Medford

You're going to have to keep on wincing for a month or two, Sally, but the Medford Parks and Recreation Department plans to put new plants in those triangular patches — or plant islands.

The "ugly" juniper bushes were pulled out because the Medford Public Works Department determined they were blocking driver visibility.

We at Since You Asked headquarters have noticed people appearing like magic from the bushes in the past, so it's probably a good thing the junipers were yanked. Just think how bad it would have looked if a Since You Asked staffer knocked over a pedestrian.

The city plans to completely fix that intersection eventually, but in the meantime, the good folks at the Parks and Recreation Department are working on a vegetation plan.

Most likely a combination of river rock, daffodils and possibly tulip bulbs will be planted in the islands. Some other drought-tolerant plants could be added because there isn't any irrigation on those islands, which also had become trash collectors. Nothing that grows more than 2 feet tall will be planted to provide optimal visibility for motorists.

The work will likely take place at the end of October or in November to give the bulbs and other plants a chance of survival.

By next spring, Sally, you may just see a host of golden daffodils blooming on those barren plant islands.

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