Jewett pupils, police team up on park

What are the six, big concrete items going north on 10th Street, from Pine Street to just past Jewett School in Central Point? They have been there since summer of 2011. Just curious.

—Dave H., Talent

Just curious, Dave?

Admit it, you lose sleep thinking about it.

Allow us here at Since You Asked to set your mind at ease.

Greg Graves, engineering technician with the city of Central Point, said they are planter boxes for a project the students at Jewett School will be developing.

"They've been working on that since last year sometime," Graves said. "It's a little pocket park, maybe less than a quarter acre."

Elementary school pupils are working with the Central Point police on the project, and full blooms are expected soon.

Central Point police Capt. Chuck Newell said the planting project is being worked into the school curriculum so students can learn some of the basics about planting and gardening.

"It's a learning experience for the kids," Newell said. "Not only a civic project, but they also wanted to teach everyone lessons in their curriculum throughout the year."

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