It's been 17 years since Albertsons anchored Bear Creek Plaza

My husband and I moved away from Medford in 1993. We've been visiting friends this month, and I needed something from the grocery store, so I drove down McAndrews to the shopping center at Biddle Road and turned into the parking lot. I was surprised there was no grocery store — none. It seems to me there was an Albertsons there when we left for Missouri, am I wrong?

— Maude J., Springfield, Missouri


You left the Rogue Valley at a time of rapid growth, Maude.

There was, indeed, an Albertsons in the Bear Creek Plaza, built in 1977. But by the late 1990s, Albertsons was losing market share as Fred Meyer and Safeway expanded their local presence. Albertsons aggressively responded by building new stores in Central Point, west Medford and southeast Medford, all nearly twice as big as the one it closed in 2000.

Although Biddle Road and McAndrews has one of the highest traffic counts in the region, the three "new" stores are readily accessible in growing parts of our valley.

We hope it didn't take long to find another grocery store with Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer and Safeway all nearby.

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