Interstate 5 is the great divider for SOMLS

Where am I (my house I mean)? I appreciate the updates regarding Jackson County existing-home sales. I need clarification regarding the boundary lines that define the areas in Medford labeled northwest, west and southwest. I know that I-5 is the division for east and west Medford (right?).

— Lavelle C., Medford


Unlike the city and U.S Postal Service, which divides Medford by the railroad tracks, Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service divides Medford in relationship to the interstate.

While east Medford has remain unchanged on real estate agents' map, west Medford has gone through multiple divisions.

West Medford was first partitioned when northwest Medford was broken out in the 1990s. Again in January 2009, west Medford lost territory when southwest Medford was carved out.

Northwest Medford is bounded by Beall Lane and Rossanley Drive. West Medford is generally between Rossanley Drive and Stewart Avenue. Southwest Medford is south of Stewart Avenue. All are bounded on the east by I-5 and, for the purposes of the existing-home statistics, the outer boundary is the Medford Urban Growth Boundary.

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