If it's Whole Foods you want, take a number

I recently received a flyer in the mail for Whole Foods. To my knowledge there is no Whole Foods anywhere in Southern Oregon, let alone Medford. Could you tell me why I'm receiving promotional material for a store that doesn't operate anywhere near here?

— Pat M., Medford

Somehow, someone, or a database must have pegged you, Pat, as a loyal Whole Foods shopper who is willing to jump in your car and drive three hours.

We tracked down a helpful public relations person from Whole Foods in Emeryville, California, who tracks Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. Bottom line, there's nothing planned here that the company is ready to talk about for now.

With Colorado-based Natural Grocers and Trader Joe's entrenched near the north Medford freeway entrance, we can all dream that Whole Foods might be eyeing the south end of town. So far, however, the official voices tell us that isn't the case.

So far Whole Foods has nine stores in Oregon, and one Whole Foods 365 in Lake Oswego. Eugene and Bend are the closest choices south of the Portland area, which is peppered with seven Whole Foods stores from the Pearl District to the Hollywood and Laurelhurst neighborhoods.

We know you've heard this before, but Whole Foods is "continually reviewing opportunities to expand into new markets."

Now that Amazon owns Whole Foods, maybe we'll get driverless or drone deliveries in the near future. We can dream, can't we?

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