How's the school district paying for that stuff?

Where is the money coming from that the Medford School District is using to renovate West Side School, move in portable classrooms at Hoover and general moving costs to prepare for the closing of Roosevelt and Jackson schools? Is any bond money being used? What is the estimated final cost of the closures?

— Larry S., Jacksonville

The funding for renovating the West Side School and for the move of Jackson and Roosevelt to four other schools came from separate sources.

Bond money funded the move from Jackson and Roosevelt to Hoover Elementary, the West Side School and Hedrick and McLoughlin middle schools and the set-up of five portable buildings.

The district paid a professional moving company about $35,000 to haul the contents of Jackson and Roosevelt to the four other schools.

Setting up the portable buildings cost a total of about $80,000. The lease on the portables is about $5,250 per month for all five. If the portables remain up for two years, that would accumulate to about $126,000.

Scott Whitman, finance controller for the Medford School District, said the move and portables were eligible for bond money because they are related to planned renovation projects at Jackson and Roosevelt.

The $350,000 or so in upgrades and repairs at the West Side School and the cost of $128,000 in salary and benefits per year for an assistant principal to float between the four campuses was taken out of the district's general fund.

Another $10,000 was spent on minor repairs and changes at Hedrick and McLoughlin middle schools.

The district keeps a contingency for such unanticipated expenses.

Given that the displacement of Jackson and Roosevelt pupils is expected to last at least two years, we calculate the total cost of the closures so far at about $550,000.

Nobody yet knows how much it'll cost to demolish, remodel or replace the structures. A bond task force will begin tackling that question at the beginning of September.

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