Hot spell didn't set any records

Just as soon as the Mail Tribune reported the Rogue Valley was on a lengthy run of mild sub-100-degree days, we got scorched. Were any records broken during our heat wave?

— Mike I., Medford

Paul Fattig had to see this one coming when he detailed Medford's second-longest streak of days without temperatures reaching triple digits at the end of July.

Not only did we hit the 100s in early August, but last week Medford hit 101-plus temperatures on six straight days — the fifth longest such streak on the National Weather Service's charts.

The longest streak for 101-plus days, said Shad Keene, a forecaster with the weather service in Medford, was nine days in 1990. There have been three years — 1959, 1967 and 1973 — when there were seven consecutive days of 101-plus temperatures.

Last week's streak matched six other years on the charts with six straight 102-degree-plus days.

There were no records set during the stretch, however. The closest day to a record high was Friday, Aug 17, when the mercury reached 104 degrees, just a tad short of the record high of 105 for that date. On Aug. 16, the 105-degree high fell short of the record of 107 for that day.

"I think this heat wave will be remembered as smoky and hot, but we don't have records correlating smoke with streaks of hot weather," Keene said. "It was widespread over Southern Oregon and Northern California and it allowed the fires to grow significantly."

While the temperatures have trended down and no 100s are on the immediate horizon, more triple digits aren't out of the question.

"We just missed it last September and it's certainly possible later this summer," Keene said. "But the likelihood decreases every day."

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