Homeless village should soon be a reality

I've read with interest the saga of the homeless village that is supposedly going to be built in Medford. Do you really think it's going to happen? It seems like it was on track to be built near the downtown, and now the latest idea is to put it out on Columbus. Any chance of it not succeeding?

Jeff B., Medford


As far as we can tell, Jeff, it really is going to happen. The City Council agreed to allow it to be built, and the organizers are getting ready to hold an official groundbreaking at noon, Dec. 12, at 821 North Columbus at the corner of McAndrews Road.

We checked in with Chad McComas of Rogue Retreat, the organization spearheading the Hope Village idea, and he said you won't see a lot of activity at the site for a couple of weeks.

"We've got a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes," he said.

He's received sponsorships to build six of the 14 tiny houses so far. Rogue Retreat is trying to organize bringing in dirt and gravel to provide a good surface for the tiny houses and the homeless that will be living in them. Also, some electrical work needs to be done for a community center and lighting, though the tiny houses themselves won't have electricity.

How tiny are the tiny houses, you might wonder, Jeff? Only 8 feet by 10 feet.  

According to the Hope Village website, supporters are halfway toward their $206,000 fund-raising goal. They hope to have the village in operation sometime in January.

For more on Hope Village, call Heather Everett, Rogue Retreat Administrative Director, at 541-499-0880, ext. 1020 or visit www.rogueretreat.org or www.hopevill.org.

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