Highway stripe painting is on a two-year schedule

Hello, most revered Since You Asked gurus,

In our little hamlet of Gold Hill, we have a doozy of a road problem concerning painted stripes on the Gold Hill Bridge ... or lack thereof.

The paint is worn off the center lines completely, and I do mean completely. My husband drives a school bus. He carries precious cargo, that being our children. ... However, without the yellow lines painted across the bridge, this part of the journey is made very dangerous.

I hate to be explicit here, but does someone need to die or be maimed horribly? All for the want of double lines being repainted? Please, could the Jackson County roads folks go out and take a look for themselves? Time is of the essence.

— Millie Nelson

"Revered Since You Asked gurus."

Geez, Millie, we'd have answered your question either way. No need to butter us up.

Actually, who are we kidding? Do it as much as you can. Future SYA-ers take note.

Now, to your question. We're told by Jackson County Roads officials that this particular bridge is actually maintained by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

We contacted Gary Leaming, their local spokesman, and he informed us that every highway in their five-county region is on a two-year repainting schedule. The striping crews are out of Roseburg and anticipate the lines on your bridge will be refreshed this spring.

Leaming told us the stripes on the bridge probably wear faster because paint doesn't adhere to concrete as well as asphalt, combined with winter grime and sanding material that acts like sandpaper on the lines.

"It no doubt may have to be put on an annual schedule to freshen the paint," Leaming said in an email.

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