Hanby, Patrick schools aren't closing

A Mail Tribune article Wednesday stated that Hanby Middle School and Patrick Elementary School would merge into one campus under a proposal to cut the Central Point School District's budget. Does that mean Patrick or Hanby will close?

— Kathy F., Central Point

No, Kathy, that article was incorrect, and we have since printed a clarification. Under the cost-cutting proposal you mentioned, Hanby and Patrick would not merge into one campus but would share one principal. Both schools would remain open. Sams Valley Elementary School would be the only campus to close.

Here's how students would be reshuffled: Sams Valley and Patrick fifth-graders would join the student body of sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders at Hanby. Meanwhile, Sams Valley and Patrick pupils in grades K-4 would attend the Patrick campus.

The restructuring of the campuses, along with the closure of Sams Valley, would save hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries, benefits and maintenance, district officials estimate.

The district will hold a public forum on the closure of Sams Valley at 6 tonight, (Thursday, March 31) in the gym at Sams Valley, 14235 Table Rock Road. Members of the Patrick and Hanby school communities also are invited to attend.

A final decision on budget cuts is expected in late April or early May.

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