Grizzly Peak road not up for repairs

Who has neglected to repair the disintegrating road on the way to Grizzly Mountain hiking area? It is a car-killer and a disgrace for Ashland.

— Janet C., Medford


Actually, Janet, the Grizzly Peak turnoff road — also known as 38-2E-9.2 by the folks at the local Bureau of Land Management office — is not slated for repairs in the near future.

About seven or eight years ago, BLM crews chip-sealed Shale City Road and, rather than haul the leftover materials back down the mountain, they applied them to the Grizzly Peak road, said Jim Whittington, the local BLM spokesman.

This preserved the life of the road for a little bit longer, but as the road had not been properly prepped for those materials, it has since started to disintegrate.

“Essentially, we gave people a few years of decent access, and now it’s starting to fall apart,” Whittington said. “But we probably won’t be able to fix it in the foreseeable future.”

“If we had done nothing, the road base would have been in similar or worse condition,” he added.

Other roads in the area desperately need BLM attention, Janet, which is why the Grizzly Peak road is not high on the agency’s priority list. That said, have you considered starting your hike a little farther down the mountain?

Stay tuned for any word on planned improvements.

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