Greenway bases are for mile markers

Dear Since You Asked,

While riding on the Bear Creek Greenway yesterday for the first time since fall, I noticed what appeared to be concrete light pole bases being installed. The bases were located on the bike path from Phoenix south all the way to Ashland. However, they are much too far apart to do any good for lighting the trail. Can you find out what is being constructed along the trail?

— Dave C., Grants Pass

Trying to shed a little light on this subject, we reached out to the Resident Expert on All Things Greenway Jenna Stanke, Jackson County Bicycle and Pedestrian Program manager. And what she told us confirms your theory, as to what the bases aren't, at least.

"Those are for mile marker posts," Stanke says, adding that steel posts are being installed this week. "The actual signs that will be on each post will go in next week."

The first post will start at mile 8, located at the corner of Nevada and Hersey streets in Ashland near the dog park, and will extend out to Central Point.

"They're on the whole trail," Stanke says.

She added that the additional signs will include quarter-mile markers and directional signs for "off-ramps" to connecting streets. The project is funded by an Oregon Recreational Trails Program grant with matching funds from the Bear Creek Greenway Joint Powers Committee.

Greenway officials say they hope to have all the signs up and complete within the next two to three months.

At that point, Dave, it won't be a mystery anymore.

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