Graffiti coverup is a never-ending battle

When driving south on I-5, just before Exit 30, there is a long, gray, brick wall that has been seriously and repeatedly defaced with graffiti, and it continues to get worse. Could some large blackberry bushes be put there or something to deter the damage being done to that area? When are steps taken to clean it up? The different-colored paints do nothing to correct the situation.

— L.D., Central Point

Steps are taken to clean it up constantly, L.D., but as you mentioned, it just keeps happening.

The area you mentioned is a chronic spot when it comes to graffiti, and Oregon Department of Transportation crews try to stay on top of it, said spokesman Gary Leaming. 

"It's been painted over several times, which is not uncommon when you've got graffiti," Leaming said.

Crews have installed fencing, but it has been cut and climbed over. Like the graffiti, it gets repaired. Then it gets repaired again. And again.

"It's a never-ending battle," Leaming said.

Doing a planting in the spot — especially blackberries, which are invasive and spread like a bad flu bug — isn't an option. Maybe the culprits will read this, have a change of heart, and stop. Probably not, but let's hope for the best.

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