Gore Creek not known as spawning stream — yet

That article in (Monday's) paper about fall chinook salmon spawning in tiny creeks because of these October rainstorms was very interesting. I'd love to see a big salmon in Gore Creek near where I live. It's one of the cool things about living in Southern Oregon. Are there any chinook spawning in Gore Creek regularly?

— C.D., Medford

Gore Creek is a small fish-bearing stream that enters Bear Creek at U.S. Cellular Community Park, providing a home to spawning summer steelhead from December through March. However, it and other Bear Creek tributaries could get fall chinook in them this month, biologists say.

Dan Van Dyke, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Rogue District fish biologist, says Gore Creek will never be a measurable producer of fall chinook, although summer steelhead have been observed using the stretch of the creek downstream from the railroad tracks near Highway 99.

When migratory fish are documented in streams inside Medford city limits, the city's riparian rules (Section 10.923 of the city's Municipal Code) apply. The code calls for a 50-foot buffer along each side of a fish-bearing creek that must be protected.

Van Dyke says he would like any landowners who see fall chinook in Gore Creek to call ODFW at 503-947-6000 or toll-free at 800-720-ODFW.

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