Freeway limit is 55 through Medford

With all the construction going on at the new South Medford freeway interchange, I was a little puzzled by the speed limit signs. When you're going south, you're supposed to be going 55 mph through the interchange but you see a speed limit sign right after the curves that says 65 mph. What speed can I be going?

— Dave S., Medford

Until you pass that sign that says 65 mph, you should be traveling at 55 mph. If you've noticed, Dave, the Oregon State Police often has a trooper posted just south of the new interchange with a radar gun in hand ready to nab those exceeding the 55-mph limit. According to Oregon State Police Lt. Brian Powers, the stretch from milepost 27 to milepost 30 within the city of Medford is 55 mph and has been for years. He said that when the new interchange is completed the speed will continue to be 55 mph under the overpass until you just get south of town. The speed is also 55 mph going north through Medford.

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