Four Dems seek DeBoer's state Senate seat

I need the Mail Tribune to help me straighten things out. I know Alan Bates was my state senator when he died. Then there was another fellow, whose name I don't remember that filled his seat. There was another election, and Alan DeBoer won, but now he's up for re-election. Don't state senators have longer terms than that?

— Sam F., Talent


There are 30 state senators in Oregon. At present, Alan DeBoer is one of 13 Republican Oregon state senators, representing the Third District.

When the late Sen. Alan Bates died in 2016, Jackson County commissioners chose Kevin Talbert to fill the vacancy. Talbert did not pursue the seat, and DeBoer defeated Tonia Moro in November 2016.

The seat, however, was due to come up in 2018, meaning that DeBoer would have to run again to retain the seat this year. The deadline for filing for a state office is 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 6. According to the Secretary of State candidate filing page, DeBoer has not filed for re-election. There are four Democrat candidates for the Third District seat: Julian Bell of Ashland; Athena Goldberg, of Medford; Jeff Golden of Ashland; and Kevin Stine of Medford. So far, no Republican has filed to challenge DeBoer. The field will be narrowed in the May primary, with the seat being decided in the November general election. The winner will serve four years, meaning the the next scheduled election for the seat would be in 2022.

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