Fountains should be flowing soon

When are the fountains in The Commons going to be running? Also, there needs to be some benches or seating provided for parents that face the playground so parents can watch their children play. But mostly, I'm curious about the fountains.

— Carolyn L, Medford

While there is no word on the addition of benches surrounding the playground, Medford city officials say the fountain issue is on its way to conclusion, Carolyn.

The Medford Urban Renewal Agency, or MURA, recently vocalized concern over the water feature's delay. City officials were working on a permit from the Jackson County Health Department for the fountains.

This delay should end in the next few days, according to Medford Parks and Recreation Director Brian Sjothun.

"We hope to have this permit in hand sometime (this week)," Sjothun said.

You are not alone in your concerns about the need for more accessories at The Commons, Carolyn.

The MURA board heard from various vendors last week about the need for a drinking fountain, electrical outlets for food carts, and bathrooms on the grounds.

The MURA board is looking into what it would cost to add a drinking fountain, extra power and more areas for a water line for vendors.

The Commons now hosts the Rogue Valley Growers & Crafters Saturday Market and the Pear Blossom Festival market.

The $14.1 million project is part of the city's plant to revitalize downtown and was a partnership between the local government and Lithia Motors.

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