Five Guys is making us hungry

Sirs, and, I am sure, fellow burger lovers: What has happened to the Five Guys hamburger chain that was coming to our area? I stopped at the restaurants in Beaverton and Springfield in the past month and would love to have a local establishment. Employees at both restaurants said they had heard it was planned to open in our area.

— B. Summers, Medford

We do love a good burger at Since You Asked, B. Are you barbecuing this weekend? We tend to invite ourselves to things like that.

Our archives show Five Guys was set to move into a building near the entrance of the new Northgate Centre Marketplace in north Medford in August or September, according to property developers. The center itself will occupy 80,000 square feet of shops, including Men's Wearhouse and La Strada Boutique.

Unfortunately, the burger chain's public relations people were not able to confirm it, and the chain wasn't included in a list of tenants we were given for today's story updating progress on the center (See Page 1A).

"That doesn't mean we won't eventually," said Molly Catalano, director of communications for Five Guys. "Our franchisees are looking to expand into Oregon. It is possible they'll be there — we just don't have any details at this point."

Five Guys' claim to fame is offering fresh, ground-beef hamburgers with "all the toppings you could stuff between fresh-baked buns" — meaning some 250,000 possible combinations, according to its website, It opened in 1986 in Arlington, Va., and is run by five brothers of the Murrell family. The chain now features more than 1,000 locations nationwide, with another 1,500 units in development.

For now, when you're craving Five Guys food, you'll have to make a road trip. The closest restaurants are in Eugene and Redding, Calif.

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