Financial woes put an end to Quality Market

Every time I drive past the former Quality Market on East Jackson Street, I wonder what will happen to the little store. With all your knowledge about everything Medford, can you tell me whether there are plans for that location?

— Jan T., Medford

We wish we had as much knowledge as you give us credit for, Jan. If we did, we would end all wars and get the economy rolling in the right direction. We'd even help the owners of Quality Market pay off their debts and reopen the store.

Alas, we're just mere mortals here, though we've noticed a few people in our organization strutting around like they live on Mount Olympus.

As to your question, it appears the owners of the 8,976-square-foot Quality Market are still struggling through bankruptcy, according to county records. The county lists the property as being in bankruptcy as of Feb. 9, 2011.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court records show the Chapter 11 filing by Rozanna and Richard Mulhollen is still tied up in the courts.

According to the plan for reorganization from 2011, the Mulhollens plan to sell the 1211 E. Jackson St. property, as well as another property on Corey Road.

The proceeds from the sale of the properties would help pay off debts. The IRS alone has filed a claim for $3.9 million, but huge operating losses should offset much of the IRS debt, according to the reorganization plan.

Anyway, Jan, you get the picture. This is a very messy bankruptcy — and that means it will probably be a while before there are any definite plans for use of the Quality Market building.

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