Exit 33 off-ramp construction set for 2019-22

I've been following the Costco caper in Central Point. I understand part of the deal is for freeway exit improvements. Can you tell me when that will happen?

— Virgil F., Medford

The long and short of it is that more freeway interchange activity is coming to a city near you. However, this will be relatively minor compared to work in south Medford and Phoenix — and far less complex.

What you will see in about two years will be an extra off-ramp turning lane for northbound Interstate 5 traffic. Traffic making the right turn onto Pine Street will head east to Hamrick Road.

The $1 million project is in response to the increased traffic Costco will draw and is designed to mitigate the additional number of cars.

Oregon Transportation Department spokesman Gary Leaming said Issaquah, Washington-based Costco Wholesale is contributing $377,000 to the project, the city of Central Point is supplying $123,000, and ODOT is kicking in $467,000.

Leaming said ODOT will need an easement from property owners because there is no additional right of way.

"ODOT will design the project and bid it out to a private contractor," Leaming said. "We’ll provide the inspection."

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