Ex-editor's wife goes to trial on Monday

I read in the Mail Tribune that Lori Bolsinger's forgery/theft trial was set to begin on August 10. That date has come and gone. So what happened? Did she walk? Did she go to jail? Why aren't you reporting on this story anymore?

— Brian B., telephone query

Fifty lashes with an old-school phone cord, Brian. We probably should have updated folks on the latest in several postponements of the state's case alleging forgery and theft against Lori Bolsinger, wife of former Ashland Daily Tidings Editor Andrew Scot Bolsinger.

Lori Bolsinger, 43, is currently slated for trial on Monday, Sept. 27.

She is facing two felony charges related to a 24-count indictment for theft, forgery and identity theft handed up in October 2009 against the couple.

Bolsinger's first charge is first-degree forgery for allegedly falsifying a business loan agreement along with her husband in March 2007. A first-degree theft charge accuses her of stealing more than $5,000 in December 2006 from an unidentified victim, the indictment says.

Lori Bolsinger has pleaded not guilty to both charges, and remains free on her own recognizance.

Scot Bolsinger was fired in February 2008 from his post at the Daily Tidings. In April, he pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated first-degree theft and one count each of first-degree forgery and identity theft. In exchange, prosecutors dropped 19 other similar counts against him. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

He was already serving a prison sentence of nearly two years after pleading guilty in July 2009 to sex-abuse charges for having illicit sex with a teenage girl while teaching at a Salem-area Christian academy in 2000.

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