Emergency Services column lists crime throughout county

I read the Emergency Services column in the Mail Tribune every day. Lots of bad stuff goes on in Medford. Sometimes I see mentions of Phoenix, and every once in a blue moon, there's a listing for Talent. For some reason, nothing ever seems to be reported from Ashland. Why is Ashland not included in the crime listings?

— Chris S., Talent.

Chris, Ashland is most certainly included in the emergency services log, but you are correct that Ashland, Talent, Phoenix and everywhere else in the county do not come up nearly as much in the police blotter as Medford.

There are a few reasons you see mention of Medford more often than other cities.

One, the Medford Police Department is larger than any other city police departments in the county. As a result, there are more Medford police making more arrests that any other agency in the county. If you refer to the log, after listing the name, age and general address of offenders, the following sentence starts with the name of the arresting agency.

Two, there are more serious crimes committed in Medford than any other city in Jackson County, by far, and the Mail Tribune only writes about felony crimes in the emergency services log.

Concerning Ashland, if you search — "emergency services" Ashland — on the Mail Tribune website, you will see the most recent log including someone from Ashland who was arrested for a felony and lodged in the Jackson County Jail or arrested by Ashland police for a felony and lodged in the jail.

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