Driving to Costco will get a lot easier

Getting into the parking lot of the new Costco is pretty easy, but getting out is difficult because Table Rock Road is a two-lane street with little traffic control. Turning left onto that street from the parking lot takes forever. Is there any plan in the works to make egress easier? Why weren't the traffic problems dealt with before the store was opened?

— James R.


You're right, James, that the new Costco location is a lot more accessible than the former store on Highway 62. It's even easier if you're coming and going from the Central Point side.

On one side of Table Rock, it's within Central Point's jurisdiction. On the other side, it's Medford's. But the road itself is under the control of Jackson County.

This sounds confusing, but all three government agencies have been working together for years to improve Table Rock Road.

Jackson County has made it a priority to expand Table Rock at the southern corner of Biddle Road directly outside of the Costco lot. The road will be opened up to five lanes (two lanes going each direction and a center turn lane) all the way to Airport Road. Table Rock Road is five lanes already north of Biddle Road. 

The county, which had anticipated starting construction in January, said it should take about 10 months to complete. 

In addition, a traffic signal will be installed where Table Rock and Airport roads meet. Its purpose is to make it easier for people to turn off Table Rock Road and avoid holding up traffic. 

Another big project, which is being funded jointly by the Oregon Department of Transportation, Central Point and Costco, is a lane addition to the exit 33 ramp off northbound Interstate 5. This will aid access to Costco from the interstate to alleviate traffic on Table Rock Road. This project is set to begin next summer.

So, James, you'll just have to be a little more patient before it gets a whole lot easier to shop at Costco.

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