Dog park quagmire delayed fall work

Why the delay in opening the new trails at the Medford dog park on Barnett Road? The trails appear to be completed, yet are blocked by a temporary fence, part of which fell down recently.

— Mary D., Medford

Mother Nature is apparently to blame for the trail not opening, Mary. In the fall, a downpour soaked new soil that was going to be seeded along the trail that your are referring to. The soil was too wet to work with, so construction crews will have to wait until it dries out before seeding it, probably in April. That means the trail probably won't be open until June or July, according to Medford Parks and Recreation Department officials.

When the new $2 million pedestrian bridge was built over Barnett Road, construction crews took over a portion of the dog park. They added about 12 inches of shale in the area for equipment to work off. Once the bridge was built, the shale was removed and top soil was brought in so they could plant a lawn. Then came the deluge, and the soil turned to mud. If crews had tried to work in the area, it would have compacted the soil, making it difficult for the grass to grow.

The parks and recreation people owe you one, Mary. They didn't realize the temporary fence had fallen down. They will be sending a crew over to repair it. The next time you walk your dog in the park and see that fence, you can congratulate yourself on doing your civic duty.

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