Dividers meant to prevent wrecks

Why were dividers installed on Delta Waters Road, preventing drivers from making a left-hand turn into the businesses on the left side of the road?

— Shirley C., Medford

The most recent dividers installed on Delta Waters Road were at the entrance to Delta Center at the corner of Delta Waters and Highway 62, where Sportsman's Warehouse is located, said Larry Beskow, city of Medford engineer.

They were added last fall to prevent vehicles from backing up on Delta Waters and causing potentially dangerous situations, Beskow said.

"When people are sitting in their cars waiting, they start to get impatient and make riskier and riskier moves," Beskow said. "It ends up being a dangerous situation. The more and more stores that are put in there, the busier it's going to get."

The developer of Delta Center, Crater Lake Ventures LLC, had a traffic study done, and the engineer suggested the dividers, Beskow said.

The developer plans to install a secondary entrance at Delta Waters on the north side of Sportsman's Warehouse where drivers could make a left turn. It's unclear when the secondary entrance will be available.

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