Disc golf runs afoul of land-use regulations

The city of Medford removed the disc golf course at Holmes Park and promised to build a new one. When that didn't happen people built their own at Bear Creek Park. That course has since been removed. Who removed the course at Bear Creek? What is the progress on the new course? Will the city ever mow Holmes Park? It is a disgusting weed farm now.

— Adam H., via e-mail

Be patient, Adam. While there is no disc golf course in the Medford area, city officials are working to find an appropriate location for all you disc-throwing jockeys.

The disc course at Holmes Park was removed after neighbors complained about the disruptive actions of some of the disc golfers and because the course did not meet current land-use codes, said Brian Sjothun, director of Medford's Parks and Recreation Department.

City officials considered installing a disc course in Bear Creek Park along Interstate 5 near the Little League park. But the city discovered that land-use codes would require a parking lot to be built and improvements made to nearby Spencer Street that were estimated to cost about $500,000.

Disc golfers took matters into their own hands and erected their own course in Bear Creek Park. Because this was done without the proper permits the course was removed. The city's decision to remove the course was reinforced when the Oregon Department of Transportation found holes in their construction fences that were made by disc golfers who wanted to retrieve discs thrown over the fence, says Sjothun.

Furthermore, golfers had abused the area, pulling up plantings, parking their vehicles on the park land and littering, to name a few problems, Sjothun said.

Sjothun suggested a course may be included in Chrissy Park along Cherry Lane, but that area is still about five years away from development.

In the meantime, Adam, you may have to settle for disc-throwing in the park or visit Grants Pass' disc golf course in Riverside Park on East Park Street.

And in regard to the weeds, Sjothun assured us Holmes Park was mowed last week.

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