Crystal ball says no ice at Diamond

You guys at Since You Asked are pretty good at predicting things, so take a flier on this one. Is Diamond Lake going to be ice-free for the Memorial Day weekend? There's no way my wife would let me ice fish, so I've been waiting pretty impatiently for the ice to melt. I know most years the ice usually comes off just before Memorial Day, but it has sounded pretty grim so far this year? So, what you say, SYA?

— John F., via email

Thanks for the vote of confidence, John, but we're not about to go all Mayan on you, especially today.

If you had asked us on Wednesday whether the ice would be off Diamond Lake before Memorial Day, we'd have said no way.

Now, we say ... way.

Those nice days Thursday and Friday in the Rogue Valley were also nice days in the High Cascades of eastern Douglas County. Nice enough to cause significant melting of the lake's ice.

About a quarter of the lake thawed, mostly on the north side, and the rest was like a big slushy on Friday, says Rick Rockholt, events coordinator at Diamond Lake Resort.

A few boaters showed up Friday and launched at the lake's boat ramp on the north end, which is accessible and usable now, Rockholt says. The open water extended to the Cheese Hole off the Thielsen View Campground.

The road around the lake, Forest Service Road No. 4795, remains closed by snow. The Umpqua National Forest campgrounds also are closed, but the resort is open, Rockholt says.

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