Court-Central-Edwards intersection isn't a right turn

I am confused. The intersection where Court, Central and Edwards come together is strange. When I am southbound on Central and stop at the light at this intersection, can I proceed after stopping and finding it safe — similar to a right turn — or must I wait for the light to change?

— Don D., via email

Keep your foot on the brake and wait until you see green, Don. It may seem like a place to turn when it's clear, but it's not.

That's what Medford police tell us anyway, and we're inclined to believe the folks in uniform who wear badges and hand out traffic tickets.

"You're not making a turn," Lt. Kerry Curtis says. "You're crossing a lane of traffic."

That lane of traffic is Edwards Street, Curtis adds. If it wasn't there, you actually could proceed. 

This intersection, while seemingly tricky, isn't a problem hot spot for accidents, police add. The area just south of there is, however, usually for motorists traveling south too fast on Court Street. 

So there you have it, Don. The only problem is you can't tell police you "had no idea" if you try it now.

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