County's RV park on schedule to make a profit

I drive by Jackson County's new RV park and see that it's barely got any RVs in it on a regular basis. Is that thing making money for Jackson County?

— F.T., Central Point

The 92-space Jackson County RV Park adjacent to The Expo opened last summer and is still operating in the red, but it's on schedule to start earning Jackson County some cash in about two more years, county officials say.

"We didn't expect this to be in the black until year three," says John Vial, the county's roads and parks services manager. "We're still very comfortable with that. It's performing like we thought it would."

The county built the $5 million park off Peninger Road largely with a $3.5 million loan from the county's general fund, and the department will be paying that loan off over a 10-year period, Vial says.

The park typically has 20- to 25-percent occupancy during weekdays and 30- to 50-percent occupancy on weekends, Vial says. It's also expected to be packed during big Expo events such as the county fair and large music events at the amphitheater.

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