Constant caller most likely is up to no good

I may be 86 years old, but I've got a woman problem. A "Rachel" keeps calling several times a week. I've tried hanging up on her (following the telephone prompts), pushing the #2 to stop her calls, even pushing #1 and talking to a real "Rachel," sometimes using some Rush Limboo (sic) type words. She keeps after me.

Can I sue her for harassment, stalking or something? What about the no-call list? I think she wants my credit card and I don't have one.

I've checked with my friends, and she is after them, too. Is she after you guys at SYA, too?

— Lowell B., Talent

Next time Rachel calls, ask her if she has Prince Albert in a can.

Maybe Rachel is hot for you, Lowell. Or, as you suspect, maybe she's just hot for what she assumes is in your wallet. Either way, we're not sure whether you can find an attorney to sue this gal. But we do know telephonic harassment is a crime in Oregon.

No matter if this "Rachel" is a phone solicitor for a legitimate organization, a sleazy scam artist or just some wayward dame who won't take no for an answer, it's still illegal for her to keep calling you after you've requested that she cease and desist with the intrusive dialing.

Medford Police Chief Tim George suggests you call your local police department and tell them about Rachel's incessant game of one-ringy-dingy. Telephonic harassment is a Class B misdemeanor, George said.

The illegal behavior can be a simple causing of the phone to ring, with the caller having no intention to communicate.

Or, as in your case, if the caller keeps calling after having been forbidden to do so by the person receiving the call.

The law even covers text messages, voice mail or any other message once the caller has been forbidden to communicate telephonically.

We're glad to hear you're resisting this siren's call, Lowell. As Chief George says, "If someone has to call you and tell you what a great deal they're offering, it usually isn't."

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