Committee is looking into art for Medford's new airport

Jackson County commissioners reviewed a proposal for architectural art in the airport a while back. The model was exciting, and the proposal had the support of many arts organizations in the community. I haven't heard any more about it. Can you tell me if the new airport will have art integrated into its design like so many other airports and public buildings around the country do?

— Rachelle S., Medford

Travelers walking through the new 100,000-square-foot terminal at the Medford airport will indeed have something nice to look at, says airport Director Bern Case.

An airport advisory committee has a subcommittee on art, culture and history that will select airport art and other items that highlight Southern Oregon's unique culture and history, Case said.

"They are reviewing art projects and possibilities for the terminal," Case said. "We have a lot of various designs. We have a view lined up already."

The $35 million terminal is slated to debut Jan. 11.

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