Closed ColorTyme was a franchise

Can anyone tell me why the local ColorTyme has been closed?

— Tracey, via email


We're not certain whether there are readers out there nostalgic enough about a rent-to-own store to chime in with extra info, but ColorTyme was a mainstay in the a WinCo shopping center for three decades. 

Based on our newsroom library filled with old phone books and Polk directories, we were able to deduce that the locally owned franchise opened in the mid-1980s.  It first appeared in the 1986 Polk directory but wasn't in the 1985 edition. It's going to be tricky for us to pin that down further because our phone book collection appears to have a gap between 1985 and 1990.

Determining when the store closed may be trickier, in part because the need to overpay for an appliance didn't arise. We're going to guess late 2016.

The national ColorTyme business is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rent-A-Center, and ColorTyme businesses are independently operated by franchisees.

Looking through the Mail Tribune archives, the Medford franchise didn't make many headlines through the years. We found one mention in 2004, however, when the local business was among companies that pitched in to help a man who'd lost everything he owned in a fire. Not a shabby way to be remembered, if you ask us.

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