City takes the lead on gutters and curbs

The issue of who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of sidewalks in Medford has been addressed by SYA many times, but I don't recall anything about who gets stuck with repairing a concrete curb and gutter. Also, a portion of my sidewalk abuts a storm drain and has a concrete manhole with metal framing. Who is responsible for the storm drain opening and manhole cover?

— Ted K., Medford

Well, Ted, we went straight to the top of Medford's Public Works Department to get an answer for you. Cory Crebbin, director of Public Works, says the repair of concrete curbs and gutters are the city's responsibility. While property owners are "stuck" repairing damaged sidewalks in front of their property, the city takes care of the pavement, curbs, gutters and roadside shoulders — and storm drains and manhole covers.

Anyone concerned with the state of a curb can call Medford's Public Works maintenance division at 541-774-2600, and a city worker will come out to assess it. That doesn't necessarily mean every little crack will get fixed.

"We're not looking for pretty," Crebbin says. "We're looking for functional."

There are scenarios where the responsibility for curb or gutter repair would not be the city's. Under the sidewalk ordinance, if someone damages a curb, they have to fix it. For instance, if the damage is caused by someone driving over the curb every day, they would be required to pay for the repair, Crebbin says.

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