City owns parking lot at library

I love the Medford library. I'd even love to go there (during its limited hours) but the parking lot is always full. Who are those folks who fill up that lot? Can anything be done to allow those of us who live in the area to park there?

— Tom U., via e-mail

Keep in mind, Tom, that the Medford branch library does not actually own any of the surrounding parking lots. The lots are owned and managed by the city of Medford as part of the downtown parking district.

"People associate the parking lots with the library, but it's a city parking lot," said Library Director Denise Galarraga.

Thus, library-goers are competing with Rogue Community College students, library staff and the surrounding businesses for a space in the lot.

To avoid parking blocks away or scrambling for the last available spot, Susan Harrison, manager of the Medford library, recommends visiting the library on a Saturday, when you'll miss your weekday rivals. Wednesdays also tend to be less busy.

Besides curb-side parking, nearby lots are located on the corner of 10th Street and Riverside Avenue (two-hour parking), on Central Avenue opposite the library (three-hour parking) and on the corner of Eighth Street and Central Avenue (two-hour parking).

People with a handicap plate or placard can park in any downtown parking space for as long as they want, with the exception of loading zones and spaces designated 30 minutes or less.

Brochures are available inside the library highlighting downtown parking lots and time limits.

Crowded lots may deter you from shopping, but hopefully they won't keep you out of the library.

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