Builder's assault, harassment case postponed

With all the hype about Trump and his alleged groping of women, etc., whatever happened to the situation with a local contractor accused of the same? Curious if there was ever a follow-up in the Mail Tribune that I may have missed.

— D., Medford


We're guessing you are referring to the charges filed by the Jackson County District Attorney's Office against local builder Louis Mahar II following a June 3 incident at a nursing students' graduation party.

Mahar faces one misdemeanor count of fourth-degree assault and two misdemeanor counts of harassment.

Mahar is accused of inappropriately touching Anna Bishop on the breast and later injuring her husband, Shane Bishop, during a confrontation in which Shane Bishop suffered a fractured vertebrae, fractured shoulder and torn rotator cuff.

Mahar's attorney has filed multiple motions for continuances in the case. The most recent motion, granted Sept. 28, postponed a pre-trial conference hearing on the matter from Oct. 3 to Nov. 7, according to court records.

The motion reads, "This motion is made on the grounds and for the reasons that the defense has just received new information which needs to be investigated to provide an adequate defense. Counsel for the plaintiff and defendant have agreed that there will be no further pretrial continuances in the future."

In a previous interview, Mahar denied he acted inappropriately toward any women at the graduation party and said he was acting in self-defense against Shane Bishop. In a statement, Shane Bishop has said Mahar attacked him without provocation.

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