Bow hunting allowed on some Table Rocks land

What is the status of hunting on Upper Table Rock given that there is BLM, Nature Conservancy and private land?

— Rosemary, via email


Believe it or not, Rosemary, you can hunt more than wildflowers on some of the land at and around Upper and Lower Table Rocks, the Rogue Valley's two signature mesas — but it depends on where you are and what you're doing.

The Table Rocks are co-managed by The Nature Conservancy and the Bureau of Land Management, and both entities own land there.

No hunting is allowed on TNC-owned lands, local BLM spokesman Jim Whittington says. Also, the BLM lands were classified in last year's Resource Management Plan as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern, where discharging firearms is forbidden under the plan, Whittington says.

Besides, the Table Rocks have way too many hikers and nearby residences for shooting rifles, Whittington says.

However, bow hunting is allowed on those lands, and bow hunters can hunt the Camp White lands around the eastern base of Upper Table Rock, Whittington says.

But bow hunters are not allowed to hunt from the trail, he says. They must be off-trail.

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