Bolsinger in state pen in Salem

So where has the state of Oregon put Scot Bolsinger, the former Ashland Daily Tidings editor who was convicted for defrauding Ashlanders in his business ventures? Last we heard, he was still being evaluated to see whether he could go to the penitentiary or a work center. What gives?

— Marie A., Ashland

At your behest, Marie, we've taken another scan through Oregon Department of Corrections data and it shows that Andrew Scot Bolsinger is now housed at the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem, where he is serving the remainder of his sentence on aggravated theft, forgery and identity theft charges.

Bolsinger, 44, is back in the state pen and has a release date of May 30, 2012.

He was transferred from the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, where Bolsinger found himself in April after he was bounced from a Phoenix work-release center for failing to live up to his conditions for being in the state's Alternative Incarceration Program, corrections records show.

Bolsinger was sentenced to three years in prison in April 2010 for bilking former business partners out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a string of felony forgery, theft and identity theft crimes during 2006-07.

Court documents and a Mail Tribune investigation into Bolsinger's financial dealings indicated that he struck business deals in which he ultimately incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

In doing so, he forged loan documents with the names of investors and stole money from the businesses and/or investors, court documents state.

Bolsinger was fired in February 2008 from the Daily Tidings, which is a sister paper of the Mail Tribune.

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