Barnett signal will be unveiled sometime

There's a traffic signal at the intersection of Barnett Road and Golf View Drive in Medford with cloth covers over its lights. I was wondering if the Since You Asked sleuths could tell me whether there is something wrong with this signal. It's been like this for a while. Is it coming in or going out?

— Anne B., Medford

Signal sleuths. Hmm. We kinda like that, Anne. So we took your "what's up with that?" query to Cory Crebbin, Medford's public works director.

Crebbin says looks can be deceiving. The signal looks to be ready for its unveiling. But what appears to be a completed project is not yet ready for use. The electrical components are not yet connected, Crebbin says.

Seems the contractor is waiting on the supplier to deliver some important bits. And when they will be delivered is anyone's guess, Crebbin says.

Days? Weeks? Months?

"At this point, no one knows," he says.

The contractor is being advised they're on the way. Sounds sort of like the check is in the mail, doesn't it? Well, until the signal is offering its red, green and yellow traffic decrees, we advise drivers to proceed with customary caution.

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