At least 3 wrecks at Hanley-238 intersection

I see that there is a new three-way stop at the intersection of Hanley Road and Highway 238 west of Medford. I have heard that section of road is crash prone, but am wondering exactly how many serious accidents have been reported there in the past few years.

— Mike J., Medford

Ask, and the Oregon Department of Transportation will provide, Mike.

ODOT spokesman Gary Leaming sent over a detailed report on the project. We sifted through its many pages and found the answers you seek.

According to ODOT, from January 2007 to December 2009, three serious crashes were reported at that intersection. Two of those crashes resulted in life-threatening injuries.

However, the data provided does not account for all the crashes in the area because many of the crashes at the intersection happened on Hanley Road, which is a county road. ODOT does not have the numbers on that stretch.

ODOT reacted to these numbers by installing two stop signs at the intersection of Hanley Road and Highway 238.

Before the signs were placed, drivers traveling on Hanley Road were not required to stop at the intersection with Highway 238, also known as Rossanley Drive. That changed earlier this month when the new signs were erected.

Leaming is on record as saying that making the intersection a three-way stop could help reduce the long lines of traffic that develop at the stop sign on Highway 238 during morning and afternoon weekdays.

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