Almond Street Apartments delayed, but still alive

I have a question about a story you ran a year or so ago. There were plans, then actual city approval, for a nice, big, tall, apartment building between Almond Street and the I-5 viaduct. In fact, LoopNet currently has it listed with a self-described "March 2017" construction date. That estimate came and went, unfortunately. What's the deal? I'm looking forward to seeing that project, and hopefully more like it, rise toward the sky soon.

— Nick N., Medford

As is often the case with multimillion-dollar redevelopment efforts, there are a plethora of issues that slow projects to the speed of metropolitan rush-hour traffic.

It requires patience and more patience.

Medford's Site Plan and Architectural Commission approved a 108-unit, 22,290-square-foot complex on 1.23 acres known as the Almond Street Apartments. The fourth story of the U-shaped complex opening to the east would rise to an apex of 54 feet, well above the freeway.

Mark McKechnie of Oregon Architecture in Medford said developer Daniel J. Thomas of Pinehurst is interviewing three local construction firms and looking to apply for permits this fall.

"We're looking to get a grading permit the latter part of October, have the soil taken care of in November, and start construction right after the first of the year," McKechnie said.

Part of the delay involved whether to build the whole project at once or in phases. It took a while to secure financing, as well.

The property is spread over professional services and multifamily zones, which led to parking changes.

"We had to reshape the parking a little, working around structural columns to make it more efficient," McKechnie said.

By this time next year, you may well see a new structure rising next to the freeway.

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