Alex Trebek has recovered from brain surgery

Some weeks ago, there was an announcement on TV that Alex Trebek would be taking time off from "Jeopardy!" to treat blood clots in his brain, but I haven't heard anything more about him. All the episodes currently running on TV are taped.  Has anything more ever come up as to how he's doing?

— Ruthie, via email

As fans of the quiz show ourselves, we have some good news to relay: Trebek's health is no longer in jeopardy.

In fact, he's back to his best-known role in front of those rows of blue screens — and back to taping new episodes of the syndicated quiz show — as he's done since 1984.

Trebek, 77, underwent surgery Dec. 15, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles to remove a subdural hematoma caused by hitting his head during a fall in his home last October, according to news reports.

On Jan. 16, Trebek returned to the studio to resume taping new episodes at its studio in Culver City, California, according to a blog post on the show's website.

"One good thing from this, I've now had successful surgeries from head to toe," Trebek was quoted telling the audience.

Trebek, daytime's most Emmy-nominated game-show host, has a contract to host the show until at least 2020.

Because the show airs months after taping, Trebek's break has only minimally impacted the show's production. The only change to the schedule relates to the upcoming College Championship, which will air in April. Last year's college championship aired in February, though when that championship airs is hardly tradition: some seasons have aired in May, others November, and the February college championships didn't air at all in 2015.

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