Airport sees 50 flights a day

Thank you for all your answers to your readers. I learn something from your column every day. My question to you: How many private jets land and take off from Medford every year, and why are they coming? Pleasure or business?

— Jean-Claude B.

We're glad you learn something from our column every day, Jean-Claude. We at Since You Asked have heard it put that if you don't learn something new each day, it's a wasted day. It's a mantra and bumper sticker slogan we try to live by.

As to your question, the numbers for private jets specifically were not available. However, we were able to get the numbers for general aviation or "GA," which includes private jets, along with private planes, corporate flights and others.

"That's anything that somebody is not paying for a commercial fare," said Medford Airport spokeswoman Kim Stearns.

Through June 2013, that number hit 8,502 takeoffs and landings. That's 327 a week or just under 50 a day.

"We don't really have a method for counting private or corporate jets. We just don't count that. It's not a requirement for us," Stearns said.

But, because we like you, Jean-Claude, we'll give you a sampling of what you're after, courtesy of executive flight service Medford Air. They are stationed at the airport, along with Million Air. According to Medford Air numbers, the center has documented about 1,045 flights for this year. Of that number, about 80 percent were in town for business-related reasons, company officials said.

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